It's the trying times that bring out the best in us

For many of us, personally, professionally and all other -ally’s this year has been one to forget, to relegate to the recycle bin and right click on the empty all option. But, for me 2020 represents a year in which I’ve been able to turn things round. A year that in many ways, I have grown and been able to make positive changes in my life, some of which I’ve been trying to make for a long, long time. …

Reasons for starting a podcast series.

The beauty of sharing each others stories lies in the lessons we have to learn from each other.

They say when you start something new, try to put the reasons as to why you’ve decided to start it down on paper. Once you have those reasons down— talk to others about it. Validate if what you’re trying to start and the reasons as to why you are doing it makes sense to others. It won’t make sense to everyone, sure. And you are more than likely to get some feedback that hurts. …

20 ways in which fasting for 30 days can change you

An old manuscript of the Quran. The opening chapters. The Quran was revealed in the month of Ramadan.

For many Muslims around the world , our holiest month is coming to a close, with the last 10 days and nights already well under way. In this post I want to share some self reflections on the impact that this month of fasting has on me.

…So here we go:

  1. Makes me more patient. Patient with myself because I’m mostly broken all the time from the hunger and normal everyday things take a lot more effort.
  2. Makes me more grateful, especially about smaller things, like being able to…

What is Third Party Risk? And why should it matter to you?

It's really tough explaining to people what I do. Sometimes I say the words ‘Third Party Risk’ and immediately notice the blood drain from the face of the person I’m talking to. This usually transitions into the awkward ‘half moon’ smile that people do when they don’t want to be rude but find it hard to pretend to be interested. You know — like that old guy meme that did the rounds of the web a while ago. That guy’s name is Harold by the way. And he’s Hungarian, in case you were wondering. Anyway, I digress.

‘Hide the pain’ Harold

Third Party Risk…

Relationship lessons that can be gleaned from being a Twin

My twin brother and I have always been close. We shared the same womb, same primary school, same secondary school, same university and (mostly) the same friends growing up. We wore the same clothes, albeit sometimes in different colours (thanks Mum!), for a solid 12 years and had very similar tastes even into our early twenties. We didn’t seem to mind this much at all.

Being a twin means you have a best friend that you were kind of born with. Someone who gets you. Which is only natural when…

How taking up running and testing my limits of endurance has re-enforced some key life advices I’ve received over the years.

I’ve always been that annoying primary school kid who finishes his work in 5 minutes and then spends the rest of the class playing ‘house house’ with his friend next to him. That secondary school teen watching anime series till late in the morning on a weekday and stealing a bag full of A*-C GCSE results. And that university student that spent most his time socialising and getting involved in extracurricular activities, yet somehow scraped a First Class degree…

Are we doing ‘Recycling’ right?

We recently moved houses and one of our purchases was a lovely new floor lamp for the lounge (a slightly expensive one I should add). Now… I tend to be the impatient type and the one to do things at high speed – which means unwrapping new items, assembling and getting rid of any packaging as soon as possible. This means that sometimes, things go wrong — even with my more sensible other half always reminding me to ‘check the packaging incase there’s anything we’ve forgotten to take out’.

On this occasion it resulted in…

What the Millennial sourdough making obsession REALLY should say about our generation

“What are you doing?” … “Stretching and folding my dough”… “It’s 2am in the morning Mohammed!”. I mean my wife did have a point , what drives someone to wake up to stretch and fold at such an ungodly hour? Bad timing? Maybe. Cultish obsession? Perhaps. A compulsive personality? Ummm, let me get back to you on that one.

Whatever it was — it got me thinking — who ever said Millennials are the “lazy, can’t stick with something for too long and don’t have the patience, grit…

How the COVID crisis has forced me to make three positive changes which I’ve struggled to make by myself

Harnessing the power of change in daunting times is a superpower that has been flying under the radar for far too long. It’s time we shine a spotlight on it.

A lot has changed over the past few weeks and I won’t spend any time listing all of the incredulous ways a microscopic organism has totally turned our planet upside down, has acted as a massive wake up call to all of us in so many different ways and reminded us that we are indeed an insignificant blimp in the infiniteness that is our cosmos.

A few years ago I…

Mohammed Randeree

FS Risk, PwC. Husband, Son, Brother. My views are my own.

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